Jennifer Lawrence Takes You Behind the Scenes of ‘Red Sparrow’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - February 13, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence fans were already excited about the upcoming release of Red Sparrow, but after finding out the reasons why the film got an R-rating, those fans went through the roof. In case you weren't aware, the film is rated R for "strong violence, torture, sexual content, language and some graphic nudity," though you shouldn't get too excited because usually the term "graphic nudity" means dicks.

However, what we know about this film is that Jennifer is a trained assassin who uses her body to both seduce and destroy powerful men. Therefore it stands to reason that we might get some more glimpses of her in the buff, following her official nude debuts in Passengers and mother! This new featurette reveals a little more about what her character's background and training regiment is like, to the point where it makes me wonder if there'd even be a point to a Black Widow origin story at this point. It's basically the same thing they hinted at in Age of Ultron.

Anywho, Red Sparrow opens on March 2, and from the looks of things, Jennifer's finally embracing her sexuality and her body in ways that are sure to please many of her fans. And many perverts. Something tells me the venn diagram on that is close to one big circle.