Jennifer Aniston and Her Nipples Visit Dermatology Center in Beverly Hills

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brian-mcgee - October 18, 2017

It was wise of Jennifer Aniston to take her nipples with her on this trip to the Dermatology Center in Beverly Hills. Imagine if she had gotten there for her appointment and discovered that she left her nipples at home. Then where would she be? It's virtually impossible to have a good visit with the dermatologist if your don't have your nipples with you.

Jennifer Aniston probably can afford one of those services where they call and remind you to take your nipples with you to your appointment. "Hello, Ms. Aniston. This is Rudy down at the Dermatology Center in Beverly Hills calling to remind you about your appointment tomorrow with the doctor. You'll want to arrive fifteen minutes prior to your appointment time and don't forget to bring your insurance card and your nipples. You're gonna need them."

What a world, what a time to be alive, when Jennifer Aniston can afford such luxuries. I do envy her that much, I often like canceling appointments just so I can talk to someone on the phone. It gets so god damned lonely around here these days, I don't even know what to do with myself. Anyway, Jennifer Aniston. Nipples. 

Photo Credit: Backgrid