Jenna Jameson Brass Knuckles Her She-Male Assistant

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Lex Jurgen - April 11, 2013

Porn stars don't age so gracefully. Arthritis and dementia set in early. That might explain Jenna Jameson's downward spiral to the point of beating her chick-with-a-dick assistant with the Steve Jobs four-finger grill buster. There's no excuse to hit a woman, even if she has a monster cock. (You can google 'Britney Markham she-male' if you are so inclined.)

I'll be the first to admit that a dude with his own tits could be the most annoying form of human concoction yet devised. The minute a man doesn't have to work to cop a feel, he has license to be an asshole. That goes for she-males and Colin Farrell. But you can't go with the metal knuckle beat down. And ruin that pretty mug?

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