Jenah Yamamoto’s Tattoos Cover More Skin Than Her Bikini

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brian-mcgee - July 26, 2017

Whenever I come across someone I've never laid eyes on before, the thought enters my mind, "Why should I know this person?" Often I'll discover that it's because they're on some hit TV show I might not have seen or they're dating some celebrity whose personal life I know nothing about. But sometimes, I discover that the reason I should know a person—like Jenah Yamamoto here—is because they're super f'ing hot. 

Jenah is one of those Instagram models with close to a million followers who regularly posts pictures of herself being hot. As someone who isn't on Instagram, I never would have known her were it not for these incredible pictures of her at the beach in one of the skimpiest bikinis I've ever seen. Seriously, her tattoos cover more of her skin than that white bikini. 

Were I so inclined to be on Instagram, I'd definitely give Jenah a follow. Since I'm not, I'll just hope that more pictures like these come across my desk. She is seriously one of the most perfect looking women on the planet and deserves all one million—or I guess it's two million—eyeballs seeing her every day. 

Photo Credit: Splash News