Jasmine Tookes And Romee Strijd Pose Join the Victoria’s Secret Bikini Brigade

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bill-swift - February 5, 2015

Since Victoria's Secret has decided to own the wide world of hot young women who look downright amazing in bikinis or less, they set up a sextastic beach photoshoot with angel newcomers Jasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd on the lovely leer worthy island of St. Barth's to show off their female forms in two piece bathing wear.

Jasmine Tookes is a young exotic model and one of the few dark-skinned heavenly creatures in the Victoria's Secret lineup of beauties. Oh, that I could take her to my mountain top retreat and show her how a man with so few muscles chops wood and can catch squirrels in cages to keep her sustained during our year long making of the sexy to the sound of owls and helicopters searching for her whereabouts.

Romee Strijd is a teenaged dutch model who looks tremendously comfortable dressed either in a bikini or just the bear skin rug I take back to my abode after a year in the woods with Jasmine. I'd dry clean it first naturally. I have a place that doesn't ask lots of questions about previously scientifically uncategorized stains. I'd almost make the effort to learn the complex Dutch language for Remee, or at least the phrases for 'may I wash your back' and 'in my country the woman goes on top'. Rosetta Stone never was so practical. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash