Izabel Goulart and Her Perfect Bikini Rump Abide in St. Bart’s

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bill-swift - December 31, 2016

Today is the day to celebrate the multi-bikini vacations of some of the finest looking women on this spinning gaseous orb we call the home planet. Izabel Goulart has joined the fray of the faptastic by packing a half-dozen or so tiny bikinis to spread across her glorious slender hot body and every single day of her St. Bart's vacation. If it wasn't for her stupid soccer playing boyfriend trying his best to ruin every shot, this might be simply amazing. 

Izabel went with a black and white thong number for today. Hence, today might be the day to truly appreciate that derriere she applies so many hours of Pilates and yoga and Spin class against. Not to mention squats. She works so that you may revel in her rear. How wonderful is that relationship. Well, in the least it's rather effortless. Izabel, you are one of the brightly shining stars in my universe of sextastic. I shall sing your praises, even as I'm imagining much more earthly delights with your fine female form. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PacificCoastNews