Iskra Lawrence Choose Your Own Bikini Adventure

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aldo-vallon - November 27, 2018

Just like as in all those “fun” books from my youth, this choice will probably lead to my unexpected death as well. Somehow I always managed to make the wrong decisions, but looking back those books probably did more to prepare me for my future than anything else. Never trusting my gut has been what’s kept me alive this long. I only hope that will help me through this other dangerous choice.

I was originally planning on choosing the peach bikini as my favorite, but that probably means it would be the wrong choice. Had I seen her wearing it in real life I probably would have ended up getting run over by her on that jet ski. I guess that means I have to go with green, which is a shame since it really isn’t my color.

Iskra Lawrence will look good no matter what she is wearing, which is why I don’t understand why her fashion choices cannot be made with more consideration as to what is best for me. I understand she has merch to sell, but Iskra wearing green is not going to suddenly make it St. Paddy’s Day.





Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA