Is Sexy Blake Lively Leo DiCaprio’s New Beard?

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bill-swift - May 31, 2011

I must give it up for Leonardo DiCaprio who never spends a minute on this planet without a world-class actress or model on his hip. No sooner did rumors swirl of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli taking her leave of Leo, than the rumor mills were filled with public relations pronouncements and photo ops that Leo and sextastic Gossip Girl, Blake Lively were seen on the same boat, seen in the same restaurant, and, in these photos, seen leaving the same French hotel at different times, and looking disheveled! Now., mind you, they know a million paparazzi will be snapping them separately leaving the abode, so the notion that they won't leave together so as to avoid being photographed together, hmm, that makes about as much sense as a dude whose P.R. team refuses to work a day without linking him romantically to a supermodel. Things that make you go, hmm. Enjoy.

(P.S. Blake, when you've had enough, you know who to call. I'm in the White Pages.)