Is Matthew McConaughey Immortal?

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michael-garcia - April 14, 2016

Like most people I became aware of Matthew McConaughey in what is arguably his best role in Dazed and Confused. In the twenty some years since that movie came out, Matt hasn't just aged gracefully...he hasn't aged at all. Slap on the dumb hair cut and the mustache and he could be Wooderson. A picture surfaced online that may explain this phenomenon. The other day someone posted a picture of their great-grandfather, a man with the awesomely old timey name of Dr. Sanders Parker. To say he looks a lot like Matt is an understatement. Clearly Matt has been alive for at least 100 years. He is probably even older than that but photography only goes back to the 1850's so unless he had his portrait painted there would be no visual record. He isn't the only celebrity that is immortal. Nicolas Cage has been spotted in several photographs from more than a hundred years ago. That would explain his over the top acting style which was the practice back a century ago.

It just goes to show you that life isn't fair. Not only does Matt get to be filthy rich, he also gets to live forever. Some guys have all the luck. 

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