Is Gwyneth Paltrow Clinically Insane?

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bill-swift - January 3, 2006

You know, I like Gwyneth Paltrow as much as the next guy. Not just because she's beautiful, but because she's very talented, and seems to have an above average intelligence. And not just above average for an actor.

Recently, however, Gwyneth's actions and statements have led me to believe that she may be slipping from the realm of the un-crazy. First she named her daughter Apple. Cute, but really, a pretty dumb name. I think everyone can agree with that. Now, that a boy on the way, rumour is that Paltrow, and hubby Chris Martin of Coldplay want to name their new son Capone, because it has "character," says the National Enquirer.

But if all that baby-naming mishigas wasn't enough, now Gwyneth and clan are saying that their house is haunted, and at the behest of Madonna, they will be performing an exorcism on the house with the help of a Rabbi from the London Kabbalah centre, reports EntertainmentWise. I think one sure sign of mental instability is taking religious advice from Madonna.