Irina Shayk Cleavetastic Mommy at Italian Ice Opera Sponsored by Intimissimi Undies

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bill-swift - October 9, 2017

Russian hottie and now MILFtastic official, Irina Shayk, has bounced back to epic bod as fast as we expected she would when she first decided to push Bradley Cooper's baby out into the world. That lucky bastard, and not just for Irina obviously.

Irina made her way in an open green dress revealing her mommy teats in a low black bra to the Intimissimi on Ice show in Verona, Italy. It's an Italian opera, on ice, sponsored by a boudoir bedroom underwear company. Nothing quite says slip into something sheer and sexy like blades cutting on frozen waters. Go figure. I still want to see Irina's knickers rather badly.

Irina reminds me that as much as I fear my most sextastic special ladies becoming with child, not my own, they all do tend to bounce back and then some in short order. Perfect bodies made even sweeter by bestowing life, not to mention going up a cup size in the funbag department. As long as I never have to change a diaper, I approve. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News