Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell Pose Together In Lingerie For Sexy Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - September 26, 2018

It feels like everybody is able to have such a fun time on rooftops except for me. For some reason every time I try to get on one the fire department gets called because everyone assumes I am a jumper. I guess the key is to not sit on the ledge and listen to Elliott Smith on a speaker. I suppose that does send a slightly different message to observers than the one of a couple supermodels wearing lingerie and getting their pictures taken.

One word of advice, unless you are living in the Middle East, I would not recommend lying down on any mattresses that you find up there. The weather in most places just does not suit it. They basically become a sponge for rat urine and rain, thereby making a petri dish for mosquito eggs. And in the rare chance that you find a dry mattress, that is a cue that you need to get off that roof immediately because it is sure to be owned by a junkie and he is definitely willing to kill for it. Who knows what he had to do to get it in the first place.


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Photo Credit: MEGA