Infographic Daily: The Greatest Human and Digital Viruses of All Time

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bill-swift - August 21, 2012

Viruses. Blech. They're sneaky, they're deceiving, but most of all, they're annoying and potentially dangerous. But humans have been riddled with viruses ever since the stone age--only they just weren't the digital kind. (Obviously they were millions of times deadlier, given that they actually killed people. But anyway.)

Remember the Black Death? You probably don't, but it caused up to 200 million deaths the world over. And causing users over 1.5 billion dollars in damages was Nimda, which spread like wildfire in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. 'Nimda', which is actually 'admin' spelled backwards, is a DDoS attack that infected machines through email, shared files, and compromised sites.

Today's infographic counts down the deadliest viruses that man has ever faced, both in real life and in the digital world. Here's a quick rundown of the worst of the worst:

  • Most Lives Taken: The Black Death
  • Most Complex: Stuxnet
  • Most Viral: Nimda
  • Most Lethal to Man: Ebola
  • Most Lethal to PCs: CIH Virus

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