Infographic Daily: How People Use Their Tablets–And Then Some

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bill-swift - August 4, 2012

Ever since Apple's iPad came along, tablets have become a booming business. Soon thereafter, the marketplace was teeming with tablets of both iOS and Android decent. I'm guessing you probably have one of your own. (If you don't--well, like I said, it was just a guess.)

So what do most people use their tablets for? Some use it to check their email or Skype with people on the other side of the world. Others use their devices to browse the Internet or do some online shopping. Then, of course, there are the apps and games that add a load of fun and entertainment to push away the boring-ness of idle time.

Check out the gallery above to see how the majority of people use their devices, as well as some interesting stats about the world of tablets!

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