Infographic Daily: Free WiFi–Is It Your Friend or Your Foe?

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bill-swift - August 11, 2012

Most people do a mental fist pump when they switch their WiFi on and find a free hotspot nearby. It's pretty understandable behavior in this day and age where most people are ready to go stir crazy if they can't log on to the Internet at least once (or twice) a day.

But is free WiFi really good for you? Sure, it won't tax your already over-taxed mobile data plan, but there are a whole bunch of security threats that come with it that you might not be fully aware of. The fact of the matter is, most of these hotspots aren't secure (which is why you were able to connect to the Internet through them in the first place.)

This means that cybercriminals and hackers lurking nearby can also connect to the hotspot--and steal your data or personal information. There are three common ways this can be done: by sniffing, sidejacking, or through the honeypot.

Check out the gallery to find out the potential dangers of free WiFi and how you can stay safe while browsing in public.

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