Ines Sainz Harrassed By The New York Jets, But Loved By Egotastic!

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bill-swift - September 17, 2010

Ines Sainz, you sexy sports reporter from Mexico, how badly we want to hold you in our arms and tell you everything is going to be okay. Trust me, I feel your pain. Back in high school after gym class... I can't even get into it. Let's just say, towels were snapping and I still can't eat peanuts to this day.

To be serious for a moment (just a moment), Egotastic! does not in any way condone sexual harassment of women. Adoring, imagining, enjoying, peeking, and purchasing skimpy little underthings and leaving anonymously on the front porch for, all YES. But harassing? NO. We love women. We adore women. We worship women. We do not want them to go away. We want more to come our way. So, we will continue to respectfully ogle, for example, these Ines Sainz pictures from Esquire Mexico. Nothing wrong with seeing a sexy woman and thinking to yourself, 'Yummy'. According to the film strips I remember from Sex-Ed, that's how we humans continue on as a species. Just don't, you know, say 'Yummy' aloud, while flashing your johnson.


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