I Pity the iPhone 5 Fools: Smartphone’s WiFi Glitch Makes Users Pay

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bill-swift - October 5, 2012

When it was launched a couple of weeks ago, the iPhone 5promised big things, and as a result, it sold like hotcakes. That, and because of the fact that millions of people all over the world are rabid (and blinded) fanboys.

But has it managed to deliver on its promises? A big fat negatory. It's an unfair comparison to make, but this probably wouldn't have happened under the watch of Steve Jobs. But then again, maybe Tim Cook did try his best. Or maybe not.

Because after replacing Google's awesome maps with iOS 6's sh#t maps, Apple now has another major user complaint to address: the WiFi glitch.

iPhone 5 owners (who probably waited in line for hours to buy the damn thing) complained that their cellular data allocations were being gobbled up by the device, even though they were connected to a WiFi network. Apple has since released a carrier update for Verizon, but complaints on their support forum include users on AT&T.

Looks like Apple has a whole lot of explaining (and fixing) to do. Now aren't you glad you got an HTC X1 or Samsung S3 instead?

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