How Will Breaking Bad End? New Vid Animates All of the Possibilities (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 9, 2013

We've been wondering a lot of things about Breaking Bad since last fall.

Things like: Will Walt ever get the girl? Will Jesse ever get the money for  his grandmother's operation? Will they ever rescue Marie from the bottom of the well? Who shot Walt, Jr.? Will Hank ever learn the true meaning of Christmas? What really happened to Gus's chihuahua 'Little Gus'? Pressing issues that concern the fate of the planet, no doubt.

BUT HOW IS IT GOING TO F*CKING END!? We've got two days before all of that begins to unravel. Thankfully, all of that speculation and wait-time has been mediated by the fine folks over at Official Comedy. They've come up with a very serviceable animated 'How Breaking Bad Will End'.

Check it.