How Gal Gadot Got Into Wonder Woman Shape (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - June 10, 2017


Gal Gadot is indeed a wonderful woman in a video showing her strenuous workout routine for her role as Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman. The video was put together during her training for her debut ass-kicking role in Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice (sorry 'bout it), but now that the sexy workout moves have hit YouTube, the Internet can't get enough.

While we can go ahead and chalk a certain percentage of Gadot's flawless looks to genetics, the Israeli stunner endures "shoulder presses, pull-ups, and movement training to achieve the beautifully-toned physique that had audiences swooning."

Gal Gadot's latest role as mother (I challenge you to come up with a more cliché statement) isn't slowing her down one bit, and she's currently sitting pretty as the number one most searched celebrity on IMDB. If you want to know why, just take a look at her tight bod in the workout video above. 

Photo Credit: YouTube, Instagram