Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat is a Hot Tub in a Tug Boat–Ready to Party?

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bill-swift - October 4, 2012

What's better than a hot tub? A hot tub that happens to be in a boat, apparently. It's the newest craze from the Netherlands, where they hate having to take a dip in an icy cold lake. But it's too nice a day to stay indoors, so why not bring the hot tub out into the lake?

And so, that's what they did when they came up with the Hot Tub Hot Tub Boat. The name is enough to get your tongue rolling into a useless heap. You might also feel a smirk of disapproval once you find out the price on this baby: €16,450 or roughly $21,300! (The heater-less version is priced at half this figure, but what's point of getting a hot tub without the heater?)

The tub has a 2,000 liter capacity and the water is heated inside using a wood stove. It takes three hours for the water to fully heat up to a comfortable temperature though, so be prepared to wait. Maybe have a barbeque while the water temperature slowly rises? The Hot Tug can fit up to six people, but we suggest keeping it to a party of two so you can get the ride of your life. (In more ways than one.)

Check it out here.

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