Heiress Hofit Golan Flashing Her Thong See-Through Style in Cannes

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bill-swift - May 22, 2017

You don't go to Cannes for the movies. You go to notice and be noticed. The world's hot wealthy and shapely women descent on the South of France this time of year with the film festival as a grand excuse to show off their bodies in day time barely there dresses and evening even less there haute couture. It's the perfect example of look but don't touch if you're not worth a small fortune. But, oh, the looks.

Israeli model, fashion magnate and heiress of the blonde and boobtastic kind, Hofit Golan, sold her sizzle by way of s sheer see-through sundresses that accentuated her lady curves and bared her white thong panties beneath. Quite a teasy little number. Something your girlfriend might don on a vacation when she's encouraging you to pop the question. And no, the question is not, can we go back to the hotel room this minute and take off that thong. But they are related. Hofit, you're taking on the Cannes competition with a smart plan and a sextastic body. Next time, ditch the panties and they'll double your paparazzi snaps. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News