Hitman: Absolution Yields to the Whine of the Fans

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bill-swift - August 18, 2012

Remember that Hitman: Absolution trailer from back in May? You know, the one where Agent 47 fights to the death with a group of deadly, leather-clad nuns? Well it was safe to assume that it would cause some controversy among the community for obvious religious purposes.

After a bit of back and back and forth between 'this is wrong' and 'no it isn't, shut up' it seems as though Hitman: Absolution will kneel to the power of the power...somewhat.

Hitman: Absolution director Tore Blystad mentioned to Eurogamer at gamescon that he was pretty pissed about the reaction to the trailer from some people, stating that 'we were surprised by the reaction to it. We've been trying to find out, y'know, how could we not see this happening?'

While I don't think the massive outcry should be taken all that seriously (as it IS just a game), I also can't seem to believe that Mr. Blystad never thought an attack on nuns would bring such a reaction. Regardless, he claims that they're currently in the process of reinventing that specific level in the game 'to give these characters some context and some backstory. We're working within the game – within that level – to build these characters up before you meet them.'

It's good to finally see a story where people can come to a resolution somewhere in the middle of everything. No, the nuns won't be taken out of the game because some of the gaming audience is not liking what they see but certain changes are being made to satisfy them more so. All in all, not a bad way to end this situation.

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