Hitman Absolution Contracts Walkthrough Clip for Yanks (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 4, 2012

By Yanks we mean it's the video intended for the North American audience. This is meant as no disrespect to Canadians, Mexicans or Caribbeans but video game companies like to change up how they present a game to different parts of the world. There are certain things that don't translate across cultures especially when you're jamming them into a short video clip. Americans, for example, love guns and violence so there's a good chance the North American version of any video we present to you will have more guns and bullets and blood and violence. We're true Americans so we want to give you what you want.

In any case this is an extended walkthrough video showing off the Contracts component of Hitman Absolution. Essentially Contracts mode has other players throwing challenges at you while you're happily playing your way through your single player campaign of Hitman Absolution. It's like layering in social content (buzzword alert) into what would otherwise be a static linear gaming experience like we've had for the last 35 years. If you're playing Hitman I can hop in and decide I want you to kill a certain non playable character in a certain level using a certain weapon within a certain amount of time. And I would do this just to mess with you. However, if you meet the challenge I throw at you, you'll get major recognition for it and your Hitman experience will have been unique and customized by people who are cool (me) and nobody else can make that claim. Except for the other people whom would get Contract challenges from me because, really, I'm an instigator. I may just issue challenges in Contracts and nothing else when Hitman Absolution comes out.