Hilary Duff Nippy Bikini Boobtastic In Maui

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bill-swift - February 6, 2016

Talk about single and ready to give you tingles again Hilary Duff just finalized her divorce with her former hockey playing husband after three years of separation and she's already dropped her freshman twenty and toned up for a curvaceous bikini vacation MILFtastic style in Maui. This isn't the tiny bikini of a demure wife. This is the rainbow colored cleavetastic body show off of a woman still in her 20's looking to get herself some suitors. Where do I get in line? Just kidding. I'm cutting.

Hilay's bikini top barely contained her pleasantly plump peaches with headlights yearning to be set free. Everybody loves the Hawaiian islands. Oh, to be the fortunate soul to help flick the sound out of Hilary's nooks and teats and crannies. That's the job for me. I lust what is going on here, the re-start of a Duff revolution in hotness and bikini fun showy times. Marriage isn't for everyone. Like me, and Hilary, and the amazing amounts of making the sexy we will do while laughing at old Lizzie episodes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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