Hilary Duff Booty In Jeans

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aldo-vallon - July 26, 2017

Do my eyes deceive me, or are the pockets on those pants painted on? If they are I really cannot say I am surprised. With the way women’s pants have been getting tighter it was only a matter of time before pockets had to be phased out entirely. For the last few years they were only for show anyway, and now they will no longer get in the way of the real show. Those bothersome pockets have been distracting from booties for too long by holding chapstick, keys, and useless pocket change.  

How exactly does one go about getting themselves into pants that fit that tight? Is there some sort of witchcraft put upon them that causes them to stretch? Do you grease up your legs and jump into them by leaping off a second story balcony while your friends hold them up on the ground? As they say, I guess I would rather not see how this sausage gets made. It might ruin the magic of the booty I am seeing and once that happens it will never be quite so awe-inspiring. Like the time I saw a magician making sausage.

Photo Credit: Backgrid