Here’s a Trailer for ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in the Style of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

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bill-swift - December 20, 2013

What would happen if somebody took the Frank Capra Christmas Classic It's a Wonderful Life and gave it a brand new trailer in the style the highly anticipated Martin Scorses picture The Wolf of Wall Street? You would be overcome with awesomeness, that's what would happen.

Well, friends, such a trailer actually exists thanks to self-described comedian, writer, actor, filmmaker, and semi-pro rock skipper Owen Weber. He took all the frenetic, visceral cuts of the Wolf of Wall Street trailer—plus Kanye West's haunting, pulsating ode to Marilyn Manson—and applied the same style to the quintessential Christmas movie. The result, The Wolf of Bedford Falls, looks like a dark film about greed, lust, and power.

It's really quite a fun experiment. You can completely transform a movie using nothing but music and clever edits.

The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters Christmas Day.