Here’s 52-Year-Old Halle Berry’s Nipples

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Sam Robeson - January 23, 2019


Yesterday we checked out fifty-year-old testicle head Celine Dion, so in defense of women in their fifties, today we're going to check out someone who doesn't like she survived the Dust Bowl. Regardless of what the fake media says, no celeb is truly ageless, but Halle Berry comes pretty damn close. Last week the fifty-two-year-old told Insta censors to take her nips and shove 'em by going semi-tits out in a wet tank top. The fact that she looks like this, and Celine Dion looks like she should be telling our fortunes by scattering bones across the front porch of her 17th-century cabin, is, what's the word, disconcerting. Long live Halle Berry. And, um, get well soon Celine Dion. Because. Damn.

Head HERE for the NSFW-ish nips


Photo Credit: Halle Berry Twitter

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