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bill-swift - January 1, 2011

The best part about this job is knowing that no matter how much ridiculously sexy celebrity content we've uncovered in the past, the future will be even brighter. It always is. The women stay just as hot (they've always been hot), but the cameras keep getting better and more omnipresent. This is a good thing for our readers.

As record breaking as 2010 was, we have great plans in store for 2011. We're mounting a major upgrade program for the Egotastic! site in the first few months of the year. Yep, we're ditching our million-year old publishing system for some state of the art tools that will help us tools here bring you a much more friendly user-experience, including easy to flip through photo galleries, improved video player, much simpler search and archive functions for easily finding the content you want, and, of course, well, same old me I guess. However, I promise to spend even more hours at work away from my girlfriend, fridge, and Xbox (not necessarily in that order), because you guys deserve it. (Except for that dude Larry who keeps writing in to tell me I'm going to Hell.)

2011 will bring a ton more content, expanded content, deeper content, richer content, all of which is a long way of saying, more spectacularly famous boobs and celebrity sexy bits and other things men not-so-secretly lust (and some of you ladies out there also drop by to check-out, yep, we know about you.)

From all of us at Egotastic!, have a blessed New Year.


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