Halsey Sexy Lesbionics On for Paper Magazine

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bill-swift - June 20, 2017

The singer who goes by Halsey for reasons that are altogether pretty silly, but when she gets to revealing her top seem less silly, tore up Paper magazine with a lesbionic ode to a special kind of Sapphic leaning love. The entire magazine was dedicated to non-traditional romance, within which the part where the young women make out in skimpy outfits is most certainly our favorite.

These days every sextastic celebrity claims to be into other women. More of a calling card than a verifiable statement. If only all of them who say they are would pose for pictures kissing and fondling other women, we could see the true majesty of their message. Not to mention their killer funbags in sets of four.

Halsey I admire your work here. And probably your message. Nobody backs lesbionics more than Egotastic. Call it hugely in our self-interest. It is. But we're all on the same team here. I mean, visually speaking. Not necessarily proclivity wise. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paper Magazine