Halo 4 Multiplayer Will Dominate You with War Games. Raw Gameplay Clips Here (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 3, 2012

When it's all said and done the bulk of your time with Halo 4 will be spent battling other folks online in the variety of multiplayer games. Under the heading of War Games all of your Slayer, Capture the Flag, Kill the King (Regicide) and other team and free for all games will be in one place enticing you to play just one more game time after time. War Games is the mode that will have you earning the most Spartan points and appreciating what you can buy with those Spartan points. Yeah Spartan Ops and other successful battles will get you Spartan Points too but War Games is doing the most to keep you on the path to Specializations. Earning and spending Spartan points on new armor, armor abilities and whatnot as quickly as possible will be the way to go with War Games.

Watch the clip above and you shall see. Oh and while you're here, why not get down with the final chapter of Forward Unto Dawn now that Lasky and company are such good pals with Master Chief. Normally we'd give the last installment of Forward Unto Dawn its own post, but Halo 4 is here, dude. No more anticipation from the live action series. It's time to play.

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