Hailey Clauson Asstastic Booty Cheek Flash

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bill-swift - July 16, 2015

Fame hottie photographer Yu Tsai has visually scaled many sweet heights. But this pictorial of my belusted young blonde Hailey Clauson has to be one of his simplest, yet finest achievements. Granted, you have a lot to work with. Hailey Clauson is just stunning in her endless array of fun things to look at, long for, and all around want to motorboat in the privacy of your own mansion on the hill. Or, a Red Roof Inn sweet is the mansion is being tented for termites.

Hailey just exudes the sextastic, in color or black and white, out of every single pore I want to examine with my tongue and perhaps a pair of furry forceps. You put just a little bit of clothes on her, or better, take a little bit of clothes off, and she explodes off the lust inducing meter. Just for the sake of pragmatism, lay down the plastic sheeting before viewing photos. Trust Uncle Bill. He's been running this camp for a while. Just so damn hot, Hailey! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yu Tsai Yu+Me