Hailey Baldwin Cleavy Coffee Run

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michael-garcia - August 2, 2016

Sexy scion of the Baldwin clan, Hailey Baldwin, was spotted showing off her ta-tas while getting some coffee. Hailey takes after her mom Kennya in the large funbag department. It's a good thing that genetics can sometimes give traits of only one parent because if she had gotten anything from father Stephen Baldwin that would have been unfortunate. You couldn't possibly ask for her to have a better set of knockers. What's great about this little coffee run is that she forgot to wear a bra under her silky top so you can see the nips poking through quite well and just a hint of sideboob. I love this trend with these young stars of them never wearing bras. They are tools of the oppressive patriarchy and need to be shunned. Let those puppies free, I say.

Why are there never hotties like this at my local coffee shop. It's mostly just guys that look like me and a few teenage Asian girls studying trigonometry. Maybe I need to move to LA and hang out in Silver Lake. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet