Hailee Steinfeld Fishnet Hotness

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bill-swift - November 15, 2016

It's unclear what Hailee Steinfeld will be when she's finished getting all grow'd up, but it is quite clear that we will be paying attention every step of the way. The brunette now mature young lady who grew up in Hollywood circles was a kid actress, now a singer of some kind, and all around junior celebrity appearing at red carpet events and big PR parties about town regularly. Just as regularly, she's showing off in increasingly adult wardrobe which might alarm her parents, but to which I give the big anatomical thumbs up.

Featured in Fashion Canada, the magazine I read regularly when I visit Supercuts in Toronto, Hailee reveals all the bottled up potential she has to be one of those pop stars who doesn't quite sing live but none of the dads forced to take their kids to her concerts could care less. She's alluring. Not super obvious, not yet. We're getting there. Fishnets are a start. And occasionally, a pleasant finish. Go, Hailee! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fashion Canada

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