Guy Records Album At Guitar Center

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esteban-esposito - July 16, 2015

Danny Greenwald is not your typical rock star. First of all the only photo available of him just shows the back of his head and ample undercarriage. 

Greenwald, who releases his music under the name Glassine, went to Guitar Center and recorded countless hours of people trying out instruments. He then mixed their amateur Stairway to Heaven solo attempts into an album which actually sounds pretty good. 

Surely this is a strange hobby but it's certainly cooler than getting really into wine or building model airplanes as an excuse to inhale the glue. 

Greenwald probably won't be playing Red Rocks anytime soon, but he's got something he can be proud of. Geniuses work in mysterious ways. It's unclear if he's actually a super smart or just kind of a weird guy but that's what they said about Frank Zappa. Jury's out.