Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Want to Talk About his Team’s Success (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - May 19, 2012

Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich is legendary for his curmudgeonly ways. He doesn't care for the spotlight, he doesn't like talking to the media; he's about as chappy of a coach as you can find.

Popovich is also a professional and does what he's supposed to do. One of those things is of course, talk to the media after games. He just doesn't hide the fact that he hates it. So when a reporter asked about the team's 16 game winning streak and beating the Clippers by an average of 17.5 points in each of the first two games, Gregg gave a typical Popovich answer. Luckily, birthday boy Tony Parker brought some humor into the room after Gregg was done.

Article by Eric Gray