Greg Hardy of the 3-9 Panthers Says They’re Better Than the 11-1 Falcons

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michael-garcia - December 6, 2012

The NFC South isn't exactly a strong division this year. The Falcons are 11-1, the Buccaneers are 6-6, the Saints are 5-7 and the Panthers sit in last at 3-9. Atlanta goes to Carolina this week for what actually might be a decent game. The Falcons are just a 3.5 point favorite on the road. But if you ask Carolina defensive lineman Greg Hardy, one team is superior; his.

Yes, Hardy is proclaiming that his Panthers, just eight games behind the Falcons with four to go, are a better team. That's adorable. It's one thing for guys to be confident no matter how bad their season has gone, but this is just bordering on delusional. And actually, I think Carolina has a shot at an upset this week because at least the lost year would have a nice win to remember. One win wouldn't make them the better team though. The Falcons did barely escape with a two point win over the Panthers back in week 4, but they are 11-1 while the Panthers are 3-9.

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