Gravity: In Space, No One Can Hear You Burn-Up On Reentry. Or Something (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 6, 2013

Sandra Bullock is in an upcoming movie with George Clooney and here is a trailer for it. It is not, as is commonly thought, a sequel to Speed 2. It is, indeed, a standalone film, with its own unique plot structure and whatnot called Gravity.

The plot goes like this: Bullock is a lady-astronaut, an astronaut-ette, a space-lady or whatever (sure, like that will ever happen in real life...)  who is hanging out doing her nails in space and her lady-astronaut suit gets a hole in it...or some piece of equipment malfunctions. Then, get this, Bullock's character must deal with the devastating effects guessed it: gravity. Then, like, if her falling lady-spacesuit drops below 50 mph, it explodes. Crazy. Clooney's character helps her out and then Don Draper's her in the spaceship bathroom. The end.

(Please Note: none of what I said above may be true. But -- holy crap -- almost dying in the vacuum of space would be pretty terrifying, wouldn't it?)