‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Crazy-Ass Animal Mod: Who Said Wolves Can’t Drive? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 6, 2014

The mind of a modder is a befuddling place. You have to be a special kind of crazy-ass to be cruising along the highway in GTA V and think, hold the eff up. Wouldn't this be so much better is Franklin was replaced with a pig, or Trevor with a chimpanzee? But be that as it may, the answer is: you bet your balls it would.

This clip is an installment of the Mod Spotlight series from GTA5Videos. This time, your character model is changed to... one of an assortment of animals. Camera angles, sound effects and animations are all altered appropriately, which makes this weirdness seem to ‘fit' rather well.

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of hassling the Los Santos citizenry as a pig? Or the wonderment of a fatass warthog taking a selfie? Damn right you have. Throw in a little slice of chimp parkour, and you've made our whole week right there.

So, knock yourselves out, because you can see all of that right here. Via Kotaku.

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