Gorgeous Model Squad Girl Hannah Ferguson Steps Out See-Through Top

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brian-mcgee - August 24, 2018

Hannah Ferguson sounds like the spunky junior detective lead in a wildly successful children's book series, but she's a part of the notorious Model Squad which is like Leo's Pussy Posse but for models. And just like the Pussy Posse had Don's Plum as filmic evidence of their exploits, so too does the Model Squad have their own reality series which, let's face it, the Pussy Posse most certainly would have.

Hannah Ferguson was, as the Canadians say, oot and aboot in a see-through top. Sadly she didn't fit the model stereotype and remembered to wear a bra, but it's no less sexy for its lack of total transparency.

Did you know that Hannah is from Texas? Yup, Google told me so. She's 26 and her parents were both Marines. Fun facts abound, all of them at your fingertips thanks to the internet!

Anywho, did you guys see that game last night? Man, I tell ya, I thought they were done for. Done for, I tells ya, but no. Don't ever count them out. That's what I've learned this entire season.

Right, what were we talking about? Hannah Ferguson. Hachi machi that's a well put-together woman! Did you know she's the daughter of Marines? Crazy!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA