Gorgeous Hailee Lautenbach Wants To Be Your Honey

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elliot-wolf - March 20, 2018

I can guarantee that this is the first time since childhood that I wish I was Winnie The Pooh because Hailee Lautenbach is some honey that I would love to get my hands on. She sure looks sweeter than a cup of the golden syrup. I’m pretty sure it was just as time consuming and complex to craft such a beautiful woman as a it is for a bunch of bees to make one of my favorite substances. But I’d prefer a bottle filled with the magic that made Hailee over just a jar of honey. She looks like true happiness standing on two of the finest looking legs I’ve ever seen.

If I’m ever lucky enough to be introduced to Hailee I’d make sure to keep things short, simple, and sweet. Just like the words she likes to wear on her t-shirts. Maybe it would be smart to show up in my own one word shirt when I meet her for the first time. Mine would say love. Because that’s surely what I feel after looking at such a special gal. And my love would be just as organic and homegrown as the honey she happens to be so into on her shirt. I have no doubt that we were made for each other.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Instagram