Go Behind the Scenes with Sofia Boutella’s ‘Mummy’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - April 28, 2017

Universal's latest endeavor is reviving all of its old monsters into a new "shared cinematic universe," as is the popular thing to do these days. Kicking things off this June is The Mummy, the second official reboot of the classic franchise following the late 90/early aughts series with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. This time around, Tom Cruise is the hero and the gorgeous Sofia Boutella is playing the villainous title character!

This new behind the scenes video features the stars and creators of the film talking about what attracted them to the property in the first place, and is a great primer for this rebooted franchise. The big change this time around is that the film is set in modern times, unlike the Brendan Fraser flicks which were set in the 1930s. Of course there will be flashbacks to ancient times, where we'll get to see Sofia kicking ass and taking names like she likes to do on screen, so that's exciting as well.

The Mummy promises to be a mix of ancient fun and modern mischief that will go down easy in an air conditioned theater with buttery popcorn and a carbonated beverage. What more could you ask for from a summer blockbuster? The Mummy opens in North America on June 9.