Get Your Bikinis From Lily Beckinsale

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earl-jonas - August 22, 2017

Due to unprecedented overstock, we're practically giving away brand new bikinis just on the lot. Come on down to Lily Beckinsale's Instagram, where we pass the savings on to you! And, scene. Heir to the Beckinsale genes, Lily Beckinsale, took to Instagram to share a sextastic pic of her tight bod in a light pink bikini with the caption:

remember @sofiaamiller , the el rodeo enigma??? she's now the next frankie's bikinis. use my promo code LILY10 at checkout for 10% off her sexxi swimwear line @sapphireswimusa

While I don't have much use for a bikini unless it's on one of the Beckinsale ladies, I do applaud the eighteen-year-old for her advanced Insta pimping skills. This isn't the first time that Lily has shared a bikini pic of herself, but this could certainly be considered the most revealing peek yet. Mama Kate Beckinsale is known for showing off her ageless figure on Instagram, and I'm just glad that Lily is carrying on the family tradition. So who do you think is hotter, Lily or Kate?


Photo Credit: Instagram