Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Bikinis are Good. Drawings of Wangs, Less so

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bill-swift - October 5, 2013

Level editors, icon designing options and build-your-own games like Minecraft or LittleBigPlanet give us such freedom. What do we do with these boundless creative opportunities? Draw big ol' dicks, for the most part. Why in holy hell this is, nobody knows, but Freud would have had a field day with this particular gaming phenomenon.

The question, then: why does everybody love (creating) the D? This week, a little actual science was dedicated to this clearly vital social issue; Why Do People Love To Draw Dicks in Games? An Investigative Report is an actual headline from the Interwebs.

How many ‘investigative reports' featuring cars with ballsacks will you see today? Unless you have a particularly creepy internet history, we'd guess just this one. You don't want to miss it, or today's real revelation: Dead or Alive fans love a little boobitude.

Who knew?

Kotaku brings us Battlefield 4's war on the penis (and the related report), the sales sensation bikini DLC of Dead or Alive and Xbox One's cruise ship adventures.

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