‘Game Of Thrones’ Red Head Hottie Sophie Turner Cleavage

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bill-swift - April 22, 2016

Sophie Turner's ginger hotness and all grown up goodness are on display just ahead of the return of Game of Thrones finally after what seems like a twenty year absence. The show is amazing. The long breaks in between seasons rather frustrating. But all is good in GoT realm when the loveliest Sophie Turner and some good measure of her cleavage are on display in The Edit magazine. 

For obvious reasons, photographers and magazines are still insisting on showing the 'princess' dressed as a medieval princess as opposed to, say, a half shirt and Daisy Dukes on roller skates which would likely kill me dead. Even these cleavetastic photos of Sophie dressed properly have my blood pressuring rising close to my SAT scores, or about 200. There's so much sextastic potential in that body of hers, we can only hope and pray to all the gods of Westeros that someday soon we are treated to much more Sophie Turner. She's a keeper. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Edit