“Game Of Thrones” Explained In 45 Seconds

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bill-swift - May 23, 2014

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I love Game of Thrones, like a lot. I've read all the books and have seen the previous seasons I don't even know how many times. Like, many people my favorite character is Tyrion the Imp, played magnificently by Peter Dinklage. The one problem with the story is that it is very...complicated. I sometimes have to look stuff up because I've either forgotten or am confused. It's even worse for people who haven't read the books. Which house is a bannerman of which house and who betrayed who is hard to follow sometimes. Which siblings have sex and which ones are just good friends? Luckily, we have Peter Dinklage himself to explain the previous four seasons of the show in forty five seconds for some chodish Mtv interviewer.

There are spoilers. Kinda.

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