For Your Secret Stash: Hawaiian Punch Stash Can

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bill-swift - August 28, 2014

Stash your cash, cigarettes, rubber, and other random but useful crap in one of these Hawaiian Punch Stash Cans to hide them from prying eyes and idle hands. They look like regular cans of fruit punch on the outside, but the hollowed out innards provide ample space for valuables that you want to keep safe, even in the comforts of your own home.

It's one of many in a line of Diversion Safes, which are not-your-ordinary safes that are made to look entirely like something. In this case, it's a can of Hawaiian Punch. The top and bottom opens for a bigger container opening and the whole thing is weighted so it'll feel full. Tough luck if the burglars are thirsty and decide to take it with them, though.

Get It: $12

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