For the Ultimate Cheeseball: Jake’s Wayback Heart Attack-Inducing ‘Triple Triple’ Cheeseburger

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bill-swift - February 19, 2013

What you can see above is just the tip of the burger, so we advise that you check the gallery to see Jake's Wayback Burgers' Triple Triple Cheeseburger in all its towering glory. They really do mean to give you a triple of everything, because this burger (can we still call it a burger?) has a total of nine juicy beef patties and nine slices of cheese that will clog your arteries right up. That 5,100 calories of pure, heart attack-inducing goodness.

This is apparently the tallest burger you can get at a fast food joint, but we don't recommend it unless you're going to eat it with a bunch of your friends because it is that huge.

The second food item of choice we have in our roster is the 100% grilled cheese sandwich. By 100%, we do mean that it's made from 100% cheese, meaning even the bread that's sandwiching the cheese in the middle is made from cheese. Now this sandwich, you can eat without feeling like you might drop dead any second because of it.

Get Cheesy: $8.85

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