Farrah Abraham Crazy Cleavage at Crazy Horse III

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aldo-vallon - August 8, 2017

I desperately need to know what the name of that shade of red is because I want to paint the walls of my bedroom with it. The closest I can find right now are called Moose Tongue and The Blood of Virgins. Something tells me the word, “virgin,” has not been associated with Farrah Abraham in a long time, and Moose Tongue is really more fitting for an office than a bedroom.  

How else am I supposed to be reminded of her at any hour of the day, put up multiple pictures of her all over my walls? Come on, I am not in middle school anymore. Besides, I doubt my lady friends would be thrilled to see her adorning my room. But if any did happen to like it, they would definitely be candidates for wife material. Maybe I will start using that as a screener for potential mates. I could casually drop it from my wallet and gauge her reaction. Maybe a thermometer would need to be involved, along with a humidity meter of some sort. I have not yet worked out all the details, but I think I am onto something.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News