Fans React to Unexpected Death of ‘Family Guy’ Character the Only Way They Know How: By Creating a Petition

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bill-swift - November 26, 2013

I'm assuming that, by clicking this link, you either already know about this or do not care about spoilers, so to hell with the industry-standard "spoiler alert": on Sunday night's episode of Family Guy, they killed off Brian Griffin.

And I don't mean they made you think he died, only to reveal the entire episode was part of some sort of future simulation all along like they did when Stewie supposedly killed Lois. I mean Brian was playing with Stewie in the street when a car ran him over and he died. The episode was called "Life of Brian" and at the end they ran one of those "in memoriam" segments.

Weird, right?

Well, as you can imagine, there were a lot of people on the internet—all the ones who weren't watching Manning vs. Brady XIV on NBC—venting their anger. And by early this morning, this anger had taken the form all television-related anger eventually takes: an online petition.

Seriously, somebody went on over to and created a petition to bring Brian back. And it's already got 2,086 signatures.

Does that seem like your kind of thing? Well go ahead and sign up. Then, while you're over there, sign a petition for something more meaningful that could actually make a positive difference in someone's life.

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