Eva Longoria Bikini Blue Whale Tail Ripe in the Boot

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bill-swift - July 15, 2015

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. I'm kind of hoping that trick works well enough to get me onto the yacht off the coast of Italy where the faptastically veteran hot Eva Longoria is flashing her blue bikini bottom for the sake of love and ogling gentlemen with binoculars everywhere. Something about those yachts really seems to attract the finest women in the world. Dinghies with an empty Coors Party Ball, not so much I've found.

Eva Longoria continues her summer break she calls life in The Boot by flashing yet another day of epic mature goodness in a little bikini, highlighting her most eligible bachelorette body and a bottomside that men would go to war over. Even I might forsake my pledge of super lazy non-violence for stab at stabbing the right opponent in order to win the affections of dear Eva. Even if just for one night. Just an hour. Five minutes? Really, that's all I need to make a woman feel like a woman. Or sometimes feel like crying and writing in her diary about generalized disappointment. Either way, I'd still like to proceed. Must find my ruby slippers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI